The path from zero coding knowledge to becoming a full-stack developer
The Age of AI

Do you know that learning coding can be pretty easy in the age of ChatGPT? We will teach you all the core skills you need to learn in university in just 6 months even if you have no prior coding experience, which would typically take 4 years in a university setting.

Moreover, there is a significant gap between the University curriculum and industry standards. This means there are many skills, software, and tools used in the work environment that you cannot learn from school, and mastering them often requires an additional 2 years. With ChatGPT and JuniorIT.AI, the magic happens now.


Zero Programming Knowledge

With the assistance of ChatGPT, you don't need any pre-coding experience. We will teach you all the core concepts and skills required to guide AI in writing code for you

The Incubator & Mentor

At JuniorIT.AI, we provide a simulated one-on-one private tutoring environment with real-time interactive practices guided by instructors

Full Stack Mastery

We provide you with all the concepts and skills you need, empowering you with the ability to pick up any coding language, framework, or software necessary to solve specific problems

Practical Experience

Get real-world project experience, not just practice with dummy coding exercises. Our goal is to create a lifelike working environment, enabling you to solve actual real-world problems

Real Projects with Mentorship

What's in Store for You

When you're given real-world projects, just like in an IT software company, you'll experience every stage of software development - from learning and researching to developing and debugging. In just a few months, you'll transform into a skilled full-stack senior software engineer and even be able to create a private smart home security mobile app for your family. If you want to go further, you can even learn to develop security camera firmware using C/C++.

Interactive Class

You will learn a complete range of technologies and resources to help you grow your skills and expertise, preparing you for success in the tech industry

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Acquire the essential skills and knowledge to kickstart your career and set off on a new path in the age of AI.

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