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Full Stack Mentorship

You will learn all the core skills you need for university in just 6 months, even if you have no prior coding experience. These subjects usually take 4 years in a university setting, and some you may never have a chance to learn in school. Additionally, you will acquire all the software and tools required to become a full-stack developer in a real work environment. This means you can save 4 years of university time and gain the abilities of an experienced full-stack developer in just 6 months from zero coding knowledge, which typically requires more than 2 years of working experience.

Haicam Technologies
July, 25 2023

What will you learn?

From website and mobile app development to cloud server development
From building an embedded Linux operating system to IoT hardware control
Various cloud software: Apache, Nginx, Docker, MySQL, MongoDB, Spatial Database, Vector Database, and AWS Cloud
Computer vision and artificial intelligence: OpenCV, FFMpeg, TensorFlow, Pytorch, video/image/audio/text detection and recognition

JuniorIT.AI Mentorship

Learn full-stack development through personalized tasks and real-world projects. Get AI and real-person mentoring, engage in community discussions, and receive assignment reviews, along with other great benefits!

Courses Information

Personalized Assignment
Community Support
Video interactive tasks
Codes Review
Full Stack Learning Path
Research & Troubleshooting Skills

Course Content

The course contents give you an idea of what you will learn, but our courses are regularly updated and improved over time.

Coding Fundamentals

Computer Language Basic

Different Platforms

Troubleshooting or Problem Resolve Skills

Network and Cloud

Frameworks and Packages

Flutter UI Widget and Layout

The Sign Up and Login Screen of Your First App

Works with AWS

Rest/GraphQL API and Database

Build Your Personal Blog Website with NextJs

Artificial intelligence (AI) Development

Flutter Android Native Codes

Flutter iOS Native Codes

Dart FFI and C/C++

Build a Private Chat App for Your Family or Friends

Image, Video, File Support for Live Chat

Google Maps and Real Time GEO Location

Home Security Video Monitoring

Local Video Real time Analysis by AI

Voice Assistance for Your Smart Home


  • A computer with Zoom software installed. Having more than one monitor will enhance the study experience
  • A GitHub account is required for the duration of the courses
  • No coding experience is required, and any level can benefit from the class

Who is this coding courses designed for?

  • Undergraduate university students
  • Junior developers looking to advance their skills
  • High school students
  • Any individual of any age who is seeking to start a new career

Interactive Class

You will learn a complete range of technologies and resources to help you grow your skills and expertise, preparing you for success in the tech industry


Acquire the essential skills and knowledge to kickstart your career and set off on a new path in the age of AI.

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